Sunday, August 23, 2015

Just a bump in the road

It's a long road to my next 70.3...11 more weeks to go and I'm bound to have a few bumps in the road along the way.  This week I ran over one hard, the kind of hard that you hope you didn't mess up your car hard lol.

But that's old news and after 2 days of rest and lots of hydration, training resumed.  By Friday night I was preparing bottles, nutrition and packing up gear bags for my weekend ahead.  

Tomorrow...we ride!

Saturday, FINALLY, I was able to ride with my Team Amazing Day teammate.  She just recently moved back to Florida and we had yet to hook up.  It was fun to actually ride with someone and have someone to chat with from time to time.  I had a "planned workout" and she had "just ride for 2.5 hours".  Little did I know her instructions from our coach were "make Chris do all the work: ride her wheel".  Jenni I love you, you evil woman.  We had a good time and we actually had a few people drafting off us, which we subsequently dropped their asses.  BOOM!

One set done and I was getting ready to start the next when my teammate told me I was on my own for the rest of the workout.  That's fine,  it was great to train with someone.  By the end of the 3:09, 52 miles logged in the saddle.  I'll take it.

Super Cool Teammate Tiina

Saturday night was date night and the hubs and I went out for a nice dinner and had show tickets to Circque De Soleil.  Nice night, but I was pooped!

Sunday came and I had anywhere from a 1-2 hour easy ride to recover from the hard work from yesterday.  Took the opportunity to sleep in and bike my own neighborhood, even stopping to pet a few dogs.  I opted to end the ride just shy of 20 miles as I anticipated that my husband would be waking up about then and I try to cook him breakfast at least one time on the weekend.  I try to show him, I'm not all about training and that he's very much a priority.

Oh and I cleaned!!!!!  Some of my longer distance tri friends will totally get this.  With work, commuting, training and resting, cleaning goes by the wayside.  I had tumbleweeds of dog hair that I had to address.  Win for me!!!

So there went another week of training.  Life should be calmer this week and I should have better training, so here's to a new week!  Here are the numbers for this week and I've added a new metric: "number of meltdowns!"

Actual training hours: 5:40
Swim hours: 2:30, distance 5,632 yards
Bike hours: 4:25, distance 71.20 miles
Run hours: 1:30, distance 7 miles
Missed workouts: 2 
Meltdowns: 1

Have a great week people!!!!


  1. Glad to hear you're back in the saddle and getting at it! And I understand about the cleaning all too well. The other day I thought my wife got a fourth dog. But it was just a hairball the size of a small dog. The Swifter refused to come out of the closet! We managed a quick cleaning anyway. Have a great week! Awesome read!

  2. I LOVE your attitude. That speed bump might have hurt in the moment, but you rallied! Your eye is on the prize. I wish I had your awesome dedication.