Saturday, August 1, 2015

Where the magic is supposed to happen

The goals I have for the next half ironman are big.  They are going to take a lot of hard work to acheive.  My coach and I are in alignment and we are (well she is) building my plan to acheive those goals.  This means working hard.  Working hard when you are tired.  What it doesn't mean is working out to exhaustion or redlining your heart rate during a workout.  That's a sure way to physical therapy.

It's hard.  I still don't understand how it all works, but it does.  This week was my first hard build week in a while and I definatley felt it.  But when I start to look back at the data, my numbers are looking better and better.  I know to acheive what I want I have to leave the comfort zone.  It needs to hurt a little each workout; when it's supposed to hurt.

...inserting cliche graphic about comfort zones...

I try to use different things as motivation when I'm in "pain", last week, I thought of my teammate toughing it out in the mountains of Lake Placid competing in her 2nd Ironman.  This week it was the numbers that I threw out there to Coach Jenni.  You guys won't see them yet...soon.  My inner circle has.

Another build week this week...let's do this!

Here's how this week went by my numbers...oh and to the right...I keeping a running total of everything.  I'm kinda curious myself what the grand total is!

Total Hours: 9:39
Swim hours: 1:50. Swim distance 6000 yards
Bike hours: 3:15. Bike distance 49 miles
Run hours: 4:00. Run miles 19
Strength hours: :30 min
Missed workouts: 1

How's everyone doing on their plans???  What do you all use as inspiration to get you through the pain?

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