Sunday, August 30, 2015

No one gets in the way of my training, not even Erika

Wow!  This week went by fast!!!!

Another week of building and for the most part all things went well.  I had the "joy" of a new distraction this week with the threat of a hurricane.  I spent some of the week educating Jenni what it's like living in the cone of uncertainty.  The big question mark for training was the weekend and what, if any, adaptations I'd have to make.

The Cone of Death: AHHHHH!
As the week progressed my storm anxiety got me to a little, but by Thursday night, things were looking like we were not going to get a hurricane.  That being said, still a tropical storm and still preparations to be done.

I had a bike run brick scheduled for Saturday with a 2 hour bike and a 40 minute run off the bike.  I decided to do the bike on the trainer at 4:30 am so I could be completely done with training by 8 am should we need to do prep work for the storm.  I'd never done 2 hours on the trainer...the last 30 minutes  I got a little punchy, but I was fortunate to have several friends in my phone waking up as I was riding to chat with to make it go by.  The run off the bike felt great.  I really hadn't don't one since the half iron, so didn't know how my legs would feel and they felt great.  By the time I was done though at 7:30 am, the feels like temp was 93!!!  So glad I started when I did!

By Saturday afternoon, we started getting rain squalls from what was left of Erika.  I had a 1:45 long run on the plan tomorrow and was trying to figure out what to do.  I sent Jenni this picture and asked her, "when can I run???"  The smart ass she is, said, "3 am"
Sub optimal training conditions: WTF!

Somewhere I had the crazy idea I would be able to run outside.  I set the alarm for 4:51 and went to bed.  Holy wrath of Khan!  From about 3 am to close to 7 am, it stormed with crazy lightning and thunder.  Woke us all up.  We were in the kitchen at 5 am, when my husband said, "come on miss badass, go for your run!"

So...took the 1:45 and spent the longest 1:45 on a treadmill at the gym and got it done.  And why do the people with the BO always go on the treadmills next to me?  For the record:  it didn't rain one damn drop when I was on that dreaded thing.  Argh!  Not done yet, still had a 2000 yard swim to get done.  Had the fun(?) of swimming through a squall.  Waves in the pool...weeee!
So, not even a tropical system got in my way this week.  Boom!

Biggest week this week.  Four (4) double workout days and the weekend looks scary.

How was everyone else's week?  Good results?  Forward progress?  9 weeks to Challenge Florida. 
As always, here are this week's stats:
Total Hours: 10:50
Swim Hours: 2:30, distance 7000 yards
Bike Hours: 3:25, distance 27.5 miles (there were miles that didn't get captured dang sensors)
Run Hours: 4:25, distance 20.1
Strength: 1:00
No Missed Workouts!

Hope to see you all mid week!


  1. Playing chicken with a hurricane, and we see who blinked! Erika knew better than to try to stand up against Chris! Way to rock the training week and get it done! :-) - BryanB

  2. Great job of playing it safe and still getting your workouts in. Love the weekly totals at the end.

  3. We barely got gray skies over here, and just a touch of rain. I was disappointed!! I'm glad you were able to get your workouts done even with the weather. I once did 15 miles on a treadmill...I totally feel your pain. So boring!

  4. Stupid Florida weather. Can it be winter yet where we rub our gorgeous weather in everyone's face?

  5. Hi Chris

    Thanks for the post! Glad you stayed safe during the hurricane.

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