Sunday, August 9, 2015

Made it through the first build cycle!

Woo hoo!!!  Just wrapped up another amazing week of training and week three of my first build block for Challenge Florida!  All in all it was a pretty good week, with some great results.  It was hard though. Middle of the week I was feeling it and was getting tired.  Mother Nature cancelled a swim on me and a home conflict got in the way of another.  Still, I'm really happy where I'm at right now.

Obligatory trainer selfie

This weeks highlights:

Jenni is starting to give me a little speedwork on the run and it's paying off. Miss hard, but I'm enjoying it.  
I'm also playing around with my run/walk process.  Nothing to speak of yet, but so far, so good.
I enjoyed a lovely, quiet, isolated swim Friday morning in the 50 meter at 5 am.  No swim teams, no other regulars, just me under the lights.
Saturday's EPIC bike ride!  I had a planned 3 hour ride and the best I've done at hitting 50 miles during a 3 hour ride was 3:02.  I hit the 50 in 2:52!!!   Woo hoo!!!

Things I still have to work on.  My diet.  Gah,  middle section...hrmmf.  Not going to self hate.  Just making a note to improve.

This weeks numbers:
Planned training time: 12 hours, actual 10:38
Actual swim hours: 1:05, distance 3440
Actual bike hours 5:45, distance 71.9 (should be higher but my computer decided not to log distance on an indoor ride GRRRR. )
Actual run hours: 3:17, distance 15.7
Strength: 30 minutes
Missed workouts: 2

Have a great training week readers!  I have a very down week, but there's a time trial and a MAF test to do!


  1. So. Much. Awesome! I can't imagine training like that, yet you do it week in and week out. Keep on keeping on Chris! - BryanB

  2. So fun to hear about this! I really love your weekly summary!

  3. Great blog! I enjoy the summary, and also that you tell the entire truth to your workouts. Some times good, others not so good, and some missed. We all need to hear that from time to time, as we experience that as well. Thank you!

  4. I love how comfortable you've gotten with training...I remember when the idea of swimming was daunting for you!

    Way to push through your fatigue and have a great week!